5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy In Winter

Do you know what happens to your hair in winter? The cold air, blustery winds, low humidity and constant temperature changes going from cold air outside to warm air inside, can create split ends, dry frizz, static electricity, dandruff and a lot of bad hair days. Who wants that?!

With some extra tender loving care, you can ensure your luscious locks are nourished, and your tresses protected from Mother Nature’s winter chills. How you might ask? Here are five ways to keep your hair healthy through the colder months.

1. Wash your hair less often

While shampoo washes out all the dirt and product that builds up in your hair, it also washes away the natural oils and moisture from your scalp. So whether you wash your hair every day or every few days, try stretching out the time between washes by an extra day so you retain more of the natural goodness in your hair.

2. Keep your shower cool

We all love a nice hot shower in winter, but did you know your hair doesn’t (and neither does your skin just quietly)? So once you’ve warmed up in the shower, turn the water temperature down a little to wash your hair. Then use cool water for your final hair rinse to seal the cuticle and prevent your hair from becoming brittle.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner

Now in winter, increase your conditioning by getting yourself a leave-in conditioner. A good quality leave-in conditioner will protect your hair for days as well reduce flyaway strands of hair and tame frizziness and unwanted static.

We recommend KMS Moist Repair Rival Creme, it restores moisture balance, improves manageability and controls those static flyaways.

4. Use a masque regularly

Depending on your hair type, use a hair masque or treatment every week or fortnight. This will deeply condition your hair and greatly help with dry scalp or dandruff. Masques can be bought over the counter, or homemade. Here is a hair masque recipe you can try:

Hair masque

  • Half avocado
  • One egg yolk
  • Five tablespoons of coconut milk
  • Combine all ingredients, apply to scalp and hair, and leave for 15 minutes, rinse and style as usual.

You can also use honey, cows milk, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil in your masque. Mix up the ingredients to see what works best and smells nicest to you.

If you are looking for a quick and easy masque, try Goldwell’s 60-second treatment it restores colour brilliance and regenerates hair in a minute.

5. Better hair drying habits

Where possible, leave your hair to air dry naturally as it will keep your hair at its healthiest. When you do use a blow dryer, keep it on a lower heat setting and use a nozzle to direct the air more accurately to your hair’s mid-lengths to ends. Also, try not to over brush or comb your hair because this can weaken and break your hair strands

Following these tips will ensure your hair stays healthy all winter long and will keep it looking naturally beautiful and silky.

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