What You Need To Know About The Lived-In Colour Trend

Over the last few months, we’ve seen balayage, tortoiseshell, ombré and even rainbow ombré. But the latest hair trend ‘lived-in’ colour, a subtle, longer-lasting way of highlighting your hair, is promising to keep you away from the salon for six months!

Yes, you read that right, Johnny Ramirez, the creator of the lived-in colour trend suggests that by having this service done you can get away with just two salon visits a year.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what you need to know before trying this latest trend.


Six appointments in one

Achieving lived-in colour is no easy feat. To perfect the look you first need a full head of highlights, your hair is then bleached, more colour is added, a layer of gloss applied, and finally, a fake root is created to avoid a strong line of regrowth.
This process takes six hours – a full day in the salon, and it’s a series of colour services. So it isn’t the cost answer you may think it is. In fact, you are paying for the equivalent of six months worth of visits in one sitting. The cost, therefore, is comparable.

Your hair still grows

Then, guess what? Hair grows! Whether it’s blended or not there is no stopping those sneaky greys from growing through. Moisturised, shiny and fresh looking hair takes maintenance.

Like the ‘no make-up’ make-up, lived-in colour requires a lot of work and effort not to look ‘lived out’. Imagine having a facial and makeup applied and then not revisiting your skin care or makeup routine for six months? Would you still look and feel fresh-faced?

Dry ends and breakage

As you can imagine after a salon colour marathon like this, where your ends are heavily coloured (generally lighter) you hair experiences significant styling stress.

Missing those 4-6 week trims can result in the ends of your hair quickly looking and feeling like steel wool and encourage breakage. This in turn compromises you growth or length maintenance to be compromised.

Tight budget?

If budgets are tight and you need to stretch your appointments out or minimise the cost, then please discuss this with us.

We don’t judge. We come up with realistic, achievable alternatives and a customised plan (such as ‘the in-beweener’ visits and subscription service) to make sure you are looking and feeling your best all year long. Not just once every six months!


So next time you pick something off the shelf when you’re grocery shopping, think again! To really look after your hair, get the best look possible and have beautifully healthy hair, choose the professional products.

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