kids room

Kid’s Room


We are so pleased to have the capacity to offer a family-friendly environment. We want all of our clients to feel at home. We offer a safe space. For all mums, all dads, all kids. Even the tricky ones! Bring them along to your appointment. Bring them along for their appointment. We’ll look after you all 🙂 

Time For a Hair Cut


Our Storyboard is the perfect tool to help your little ones feel more confident about coming to visit the salon. Read with them at home so that the environment and tools we use aren’t overwhelming upon arrival. Kids are more at ease and more confident if they know what will happen and the process of the appointment.


Feel free to pop in beofre your appointment too …… a play in the toy room and an introduction to us is sometimes all they need to feel reassured. 

Click here to download Storyboard

private room

Private Room


There are plenty of reasons you might like to take advantage of our private room.

With two chairs, you can bring a friend. Or you can enjoy peace and quiet or just

some privacy. 

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