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We are very proud to be a waste-free salon. We invest in a program that recycles all of the consumables in the salon. From hair that has been cut to used foils, all of it is properly recycled. We charge a $2 waste-free surcharge on every service to help contribute to this investment. The commitment carries through all of our decisions in the salon, where me minimise our impact in every way possible.

Mental health trained hairdressers

Mental Health and DV Trained

Both of us (Sarah and Susie) has been accredited in supporting customers with Mental Health issues, to be sensitive about identifying triggers and creating a safe environment. We’ve also attending training on working with customers who are victims of domestic violence.

visiting artist

Visiting Artist Program

As our way of supporting local artists, we offer our walls free of charge to a new artist every three months. All works sold during that time are done so free of any commission – this is just our way of making our space beautiful and interesting and giving back at the same time! If you would like to register to become one of our visiting artists, please head to our contact page.

donations and sponsorships

Sponsorships and Donations

We are suckers for a good cause! We love supporting local community groups. In the past, we have donated raffle prizes, baked cookies, and volunteered our time for important local organisations. If you get in touch with a request, please let us know what project our donation is supporting – we dig great outcomes!

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News & Updates

‘What do you do?’ – Chats from the Chair

‘What do you do?’ – Chats from the Chair

This morning I sat holding the top of a long, fragile plait while my client, hand shaking, and speaking words of affirmation, lifted the scissors to start cutting away hair that her two recent bouts of chemotherapy had claimed. Yesterday I held and rocked a newborn...

‘Mirenagate 21’ – Chats from the Chair

‘Mirenagate 21’ – Chats from the Chair

The last three to four months have been a challenge for me. One of investigating and uncovering and following my instincts. When I started discussing it with others it became apparent how common the problem is. Bare with me while I give you some background to the...

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