Choosing a new style

Six Tips for Choosing a Great New Hairstyle

Regardless of what is happening in your life, mixing up the style of your hair can give you a new perspective on everything. But breaking out of the comfort zone of tried and trusted styling, into the adventure land of a new hairstyle? Well that can take some courage!

Using these six tips for choosing a new hairstyle, you can get yourself a great cut that suits your hair type, your face shape and your lifestyle – the golden triangle that will have you looking and feeling great all the time.

1. Know your hair type

You and your hair have been together for years now, so you should have a good idea, if not know outright, what type of hair it is – crazy, uncontrollable, flat. No, really, the most common types of hair texture are fine, thick, straight, frizzy, wavy and curly. Then there are all the combinations of these. Know what your hair type is because that’s a big part of finding your new hairstyle.

 2. Zero in on your face shape

It’s time to take a good, long look at your face in the mirror – in a kind way and caring way. Now don’t be critical, we are looking at your face shape and nothing else. A really easy way to see your face shape is to pull your hair back off your face, stand in front of the mirror and trace around your face on to the mirror with lipstick. Then you can transfer this on to a piece of paper. Now, is your face shape most like a heart, square, circle (round), diamond, or oval?

 3. Go people watching

Yes, take a look at the hair of people around you. Go have a coffee at a busy cafe, sit outside the shops, and take a look at your family, friends and co-workers. Look at their face shapes and hair types, and see what you like about their hairstyle. Think about how their hair moves, how it sits when they’re still. See anything similar to yours?

 4. Consider your lifestyle

To put this more bluntly, how much effort do you want to put in to doing your hair every day, every few days or even every week? Do you need to wash your hair every day? Will you blow-dry your hair every day? Have you got straighteners for your hair? How much product will you buy and use to keep your style? Think about how much time and effort you will put in to your hairstyling.

5. Start looking at magazines and online

Yes, it’s time to look at hairstyle pictures to bring all of your hair-know-how together to choose a great new style that’s perfect for you. Look for hair types that appear similar to yours, and identify face shapes most like your face shape. Think about the styles you did and didn’t like when people watching, and most importantly, look at hairstyles that will suit your lifestyle – quick and easy to do, or a little more love and attention needed.

Choose about three pictures of hairstyles that you like and think fit all of your needs, even try imagining how they will look on you, imagine how you will feel with that style. Then take your pictures to your hairdresser to bring your great new hairstyle to life!

6. Talk to your hairstylist

Your hairstylist will have loads of hairstyle ideas that you may not have even considered. Ask for their input and what they would recommend based on your hair type, face shape, lifestyle and style tastes.

How do you use your YOU time? …… we’d love to hear if you have more tips and hints to share. If this story sounds like just what you needed to read right now, I say make a point to get back to the self care. It really does feel lovely J

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